Are you feeling stuck in your love life? if you need clarity on how to understand men, i am here for you.

Are you wondering how to find and create the relationship of your dreams? Do you have a difficult time attracting the right men, expressing your femininity, and navigating the dating world?

Are you looking for a compassionate, dedicated dating coach to motivate you and guide you in the right direction?
Then you have come to the right place!
I offer 1-on-1 personal coaching sessions through e-mail and video calls.


is coaching right for me?

If you are struggling in your dating life or in your relationship and you are ready for REAL RESULTS then you will absolutely benefit from working with me. If you are motivated and serious about creating the love that you want, then coaching is for you.

what will YOU gain?

Whether you are single, dating, wondering how to understand men, or trying to gain more confidence and step into your feminine power – I can help you.

My background as life coach who specializes in relationships, along with years of studying dating and men’s psychology, can guide you to discover your inner high-value woman and create the love life that you truly deserve.

Together, we will work on your goals and ensure that you achieve real results. 


  • Receive expert dating advice that is tailored to your specific situation
  • Be heard and supported on your journey in a non-judgmental, safe space
  • Gain clarity on your most burning questions about men, relationships, self love, and femininity
  • Gain confidence in your ability to attract and interact with men


$197 USD

Email coaching session includes one comprehensive email report from Darya. You will receive your report within 4-5 days which will help you gain clarity and start achieving the results that you desire in your love life, including action steps to take.


$497 USD

Includes one 60-minute video call with Darya, the coach and founder of The Wealthy Wonder Woman. Together, you will address your goals and discuss practical tips to help maximize your results in the sphere of dating and relationships.


“Most material things eventually break, wear out, or lose value. Knowledge, on the other hand, is priceless because it stays with you forever. This is why knowledge has the power to change your life.” – Darya Chayko

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1:

is there a money back guarantee?

Unfortunately, I do not offer a money back guarantee for coaching sessions. If you have decided to reach out to work with me then you have likely read my work and seen my social media and it resonated with you. My programs and articles are the foundation of what I teach in my coaching sessions and I know that they will be of value to you.

Question 2:

What happens if I can’t make the session?

If you miss one session once it has been booked, I will offer to rebook for another date, whenever there is availability. If you miss the session a second time, unfortunately I will no longer offer to rebook. I put a great deal of preparation into EVERY session and I expect you to show up in return. Your time is valuable, my time is valuable. I only work with clients who are serious about getting results. 

Question 3:

How will a coaching session help me with my love life?

We are often unaware of why we are getting unwanted results in our own lives and this is a massive barrier to change. Personal coaching will help you gain insight into what you truly want and WHY you are not getting the results that you are aiming for. We will work together to achieve the best solution for you through goal setting, exercises and expert insights.

coaching is the answer that you are looking for

What you can expect …

  • A personally tailored approach to your situation
  • Practical tips on how to become a High-Value Woman
  • A better understanding of femininity and men