What is one of the most important ideas to understand when it comes to dating and relationships?

It’s a concept called polarity.

Polarity is a simple, powerful, and yet – underutilized tool because it can change your relationship with a man overnight.

The truth is that women’s dating lives these days are much more difficult than they need to be – because many do not appreciate the importance of polarity.

What is polarity?

The dictionary definition of polarity is “the state of having two opposite or contradictory tendencies, opinions, or aspects.”

So basically, polarity means opposites.

In a relationship, polarity is created between a man and a woman when they exude opposite energies (masculine and feminine). They are attracted to one another because they have opposite energies.

Polarity is essential to any successful relationship because it is what keeps a man and a woman attracted to one another.

Now it sounds simple enough, right? Masculine attracts feminine. But many women don’t truly realize how powerful the concept of polarity is.

You may have heard me say that your femininity is your superpower when it comes to men. Knowing how to activate and express your inner feminine goddess can lead you to a masculine, High-Value Man who wants to give you the universe.

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Why women are attracted to masculine traits in a man

We are naturally attracted to the opposite gender because they have different patterns of behaviour. They have different energies, body language, desires, physical body, and priorities. Men and women are naturally different.

Isn’t it a beautiful thing?

Think about what attracts you to a man.

If you are like most women then you are probably attracted to men who display masculine energy traits. They may not even be the best looking men but they have that solid masculine presence – the one that helplessly draws you in and instinctively makes you giggle and bat your eyelashes. You feel his power in his presence and it makes you want to melt.

This is why so many women are literally obsessed with Jason Momoa from Game of Thrones – he has a blatant kind of masculinity that makes him intensely attractive. He represents the polar opposite of feminine energy.

Typical masculine traits are reason, independence, and decisiveness.

Masculine behaviour comes naturally to most men.

Naturally feminine traits, on the other hand, include compassion, emotion, flexibility, and intuition.

You have both masculine and feminine energies within you. Sometimes your masculine energy dominates while other times your feminine energy takes over.

But if you tune into your heart and pay attention to what you really want as a woman, you will realize that you want to feel admiration and respect towards your man. In fact, most women need to feel this.

You want to feel that you are next to a powerful king who can save you from any storm, wind or fire. You want to feel protected, beautiful, and cherished next to him.

That is the kind of relationship that most women thrive in…and it is the kind of feeling you can have – but you need to know how to create polarity AND how to choose healthy masculine men. This is what you’ll learn in the course Feminine-Masculine Attraction, along with how to magnetically attract a man on a gut level.

Not enough polarity

Why do so many relationships out there suffer?

Why is it so hard to attract the masculine man that you actually WANT?

Many women are creating the wrong dynamic in their interactions with men. This is because they are lacking the feminine energy that men crave in order to feel attraction towards the woman. A lot of women do not understand what male and female roles in a relationship should look like in order to have the most fulfillment possible.

High-value, quality men are usually very masculine in their energy. For most women, what they need to do is reconnect with their feminine energy in order to attract him – their playful, sensual, and emotional side.

The truth is that men do not want women who look and behave like men, or women who are their “buddies”, or women who are intensely competitive – those types of women do not fulfill or inspire a man.

The reason that you hear stories of men being threatened by women who are more successful than them is not because they can’t “handle an independent woman”. No. It’s because they don’t understand how to show up in their feminine energy and how to help a man step into his masculine role.

Being next to such a woman makes him feel like less of a man – and men rarely stick around with women who make them feel that way.

This is why competitive and controlling women often repel men and cause them to ghost them, lose attraction, and out of love. Read this article on the 4 types of women that push men away

A man MUST feel masculine around his woman, otherwise there will not be enough polarity, attraction, or connection between them and a man won’t feel deeply devoted.

Polarity brings ultimate value

Look, the reality is that everything you do either adds to your connection with a man or takes away from it.

Bringing VALUE to a relationship is about creating feminine-masculine polarity. It is about being the source of feminine energy that inspires your man. This is what creates and maintains attraction.

Everything in a relationship comes down to polarity.

The truth is that polarity is everywhere in nature. This is why feminine and masculine energies are the most potent energies in the world. They create balance and bring order to everything in life.

Understanding the concept of polarity and feminine-masculine dynamics can truly change how men treat you – and yet so many women take it for granted!

Attraction is maintained by the feeling that you get in a relationship when you are with a person – that FEELING is the best part of love. When life is sweeter and more exciting and fulfilling. When everything shines brighter and more beautifully. When you feel like the feminine woman that you are at your very core and your dream man is by your side.

Remember that polarity is all about the exchange of energies. Once you master this concept, not only will the men around you treat you completely differently but you will have a much more fulfilling love life. I promise, lovely!

If you want to dive deeper into polarity and become the irresistible, feminine queen that men crave to be with join me in “Feminine-Masculine Attraction.”