“Where have all of the ambitious, capable, masculine men gone?”

“Are there even any LEFT?”

“Am I going to have to pay all of the bills, carry all of the weight, and be controlling, masculine, and emotionally drained while he lazily eats chips on the couch and never makes me feel beautiful – for the rest of my life?!

Those were some of the thoughts that went through my mind in response to many men I’ve met over the years.

Once I began to go on more and more dates, I began to notice how many men lacked ambition, maturity, a masculine drive, and an understanding of women. Many just seemed totally lost (of course, not ALL of them).

This led me to be disappointed over and over again because I knew that this was not the kind of man that I was looking for.

There were times when I wondered if a masculine, High Quality, High Value man was even out there – maybe just not on planet earth??


Do you ever wonder where all of the men who take initiative, go after what they want, and know how to make a woman feel feminine and desired are? If you are a woman and you want to create the soul-penetrating relationship that others only dream of – then that is definitely something you need to wonder about.

To be perfectly honest, I have good news and not-so-good news.

Let’s start with the not-so-good.

As you already know, societal norms have changed and evolved tremendously in recent times.

Are these good changes?

Some, yes. In the sense that there is more acceptance, freedom, and liberty for people to be themselves and who they want to be.

But when it comes to relationships, these changes have disrupted the natural feminine-masculine, yin-yang energetic balance that needs to exist in order for love to thrive. That is what I realized once the reality of dating “today’s men” creeped up on me.

Many men these days have become much more feminine energetically and it is a result of upbringing, socialization, habits that they adopted over time, or a mix of all three. It has become more common for men to take on roles and behaviour that have always come naturally to women.

This is why some men out there can relate to women and their emotions better than other men.

Once I understood and accepted this fact, I learned how to work with it in order to create the results that I wanted in my love life.

The truth is that relationships between men and women require a more traditional, evolutionary approach than what many people are adopting today. This is what will make a man and woman happy together in the LONG-TERM.

This is why I created the Feminine-Masculine Attraction course – so that you can learn how to attract and keep a masculine energy man while embodying your feminine essence and creating a delicious relationship.

The fact that a lot of men these days lack masculine energy is a concern for relationships. This is because the more feminine a man’s behaviour is, the more it dampens a woman’s attraction towards him.

It forces HER to take on the masculine role instead of him. It makes her feel like the masculine one when she is with him and this eventually leads to resentment and unhappiness for the woman. Most women do not want to feel masculine – they want to feel like women (most of the time).

There are of course women out there who are naturally attracted to more feminine men – and that is fine (I used to be one of them). 

A highly feminine woman wants a confident, masculine man that she can look up to. She wants a capable man with goals in life who understands her womanliness and knows how to make her feel like an irresistible goddess.

What about you? Is that something that you want as well?

If you are naturally a highly feminine woman then I bet your answer is “YES!”

That is why understanding the different types of men is your key to finding and creating the relationship that you want.


Does it ever frustrate you to no end whenever a man wants YOU to plan a date? Make all of the decisions? Does it completely kill your attraction for him and make you feel unsafe? Then believe me, you are not alone.

Low value men are men with sluggish, weakened masculine energy. They also tend to carry a lot of feminine energy. When a man is out of touch with his true masculinity he often resorts to low value patterns of behaviour. This does not mean that he is a “bad” person, it means that his value as a potential romantic partner is low. Especially to a feminine, high-value woman like you who has a lot to offer.

When a man has a lot of feminine energy or is out of touch with his masculine side, he often displays behaviour such as:

  • Gossiping, using drama to connect with others
  • Becoming fixated on superficial instead of internal qualities
  • People-pleasing and using external validation to feel confident
  • Unsure about what he wants in life, is afraid to take action and responsibility
  • Wanting to “talk things through” all the time
  • Lacking ambition, goals, and a purpose
  • Putting others down to make himself look more competent (including women)
  • Is attracted to low-value, immature, or masculine women who boss him around and control the relationship

 When a man displays this type of behaviour it means that he is not grounded in his masculine energy and he will not feel safe to a woman who is primarily feminine.

All men have a certain amount of feminine energy and this is normal. The problem is that the excess of it creates a man with the characteristics I mentioned above. In order to have a maximally fulfilling relationship and sustained attraction, the right energetic balance must exist. Click here to read more on the perfect ratio of masculine to feminine energy.

If this sounds too conservative to you, that’s because it is. But this is simply what WORKS. It always has and always will. A masculine man and a feminine woman are attracted to one another.

In order for a relationship to be successful, whether it is straight, gay, bisexual, or anything else – there must be a dynamic of masculine-feminine energies.


High-value, high-quality men carry themselves and live their lives a certain way. They are tuned into and comfortable with their masculinity.

They live with integrity, honesty, and straightforwardness. They focus on their goals and ambitions and know that they have nothing to prove to others. They do not waste time on things that detract them from their goals. They are natural leaders who create their own direction and purpose in life.

They do not resort to Low Value behaviour like people-pleasing, laziness, and diffusion of responsibility. They have either matured and grown out of this type of behaviour or they never embodied it in the first place.

They rely on themselves to problem solve – and if they are triggered in the right way, they will also feel a sense of responsibility towards a woman that they are committed to.

When it comes to women, most men are naturally wired for certain behaviour patterns and they have a specific way of relating to women that makes sense to them. Read this to find out what makes him commit to one woman forever.

High-value men intuitively understand that masculine women are the ones who have closed off their hearts from the world due to fear. 

Most men have no use for a woman who is driven by her masculine energy.

A man’s role is to protect, to conquer, to lead, to overcome challenge, to win a woman over. High Quality, High Value men understand this, accept it, and feel good about it. In his eyes – if a woman does not allow him to take on this masculine role that he was born to realize, then why does she need him and why on earth does he need her?

Low Value Men do not understand this. These men’s masculinity has been buried or repressed due to society, family, or by their own selves. They have not tapped into and fully accepted their nature – the raw, masculine self that is the driving force in life.

The truth is that the main reason that the dynamics between men and woman are backwards these days is actually lack of understanding of the two sexes.

A man who understands a woman knows how to truly make her happy.

A woman who understands a man know how to give him what he truly needs in a relationship (not what he says he needs).


…And now, as promised, the good news. (I told you it was coming!)

The reason that a lot of men are increasingly lacking masculinity these days is all because of patterns of behaviour. In other words, habits. And patterns of behaviour can be changed. This means that you can “teach” your man to become more masculine and accountable (no manipulating here).


With your femininity.

Here is the key point. Because women are naturally relationship-focused and driven, it is much more important for you as a woman to understand men than the other way around. Women are just better at relationships. This means that you are the one with the power to create the love that you want, to attract and keep the man that you want. You are the muse that inspires him.

Men lead in life, while women lead in relationships.

Your femininity can extract more masculine energy out of him. The more feminine you are, the more masculine you will inspire him to be. This is why I always talk about men and women inspiring each other. Men are always responding to your energy as a woman, which means if you allow yourself to be more feminine, you will naturally draw out the masculine in him. It is like two pieces of a puzzle – they fit together perfectly and always balance each other to create a full picture. Click here to read more on how to create lasting attraction.

The more you demonstrate your femininity and give him the opportunity to be masculine, the easier it will become until eventually his patterns of behaviour will shift to a new norm. This will create polarity, attraction, and will make you feel the way that you want to feel in love.

You know that masculine men are attracted to feminine women. So work on opening up to your feminine energy, to your softness, to your inner center of love. That is how you will naturally attract High Quality, High Value men. That is how you bring out the masculine side of any man – show him your feminine side.

If you are already in a relationship and you just wish your man becomes more masculine and takes charge – try to step into your femininity and let him take the lead instead, you will see how differently he will respond.

So if you are wondering “are there even any masculine, High Quality men left?”

The answer is yes, there are plenty out there – you just have to know how to recognize and trigger that part of him. Remember that he will always respond to your energy as a woman.  Your job is to inspire him to tap into his masculine nature with your own high-quality, high-value energy and your understanding of men.

If you are ready to step into your most irresistible self, connect with your femininity and learn the secrets to attracting and keeping a masculine man, then join us in the Feminine-Masculine Attraction course.

Wishing you Love, Kisses, and Blisses.




















































































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