There are key differences between the type of woman that a man is attracted to and the type of woman that he falls head over heels in love with. Which of the two women would you prefer to be?

If it is the second one, then you absolutely must read this.

Attraction and love are NOT the same thing.

Most women believe that attraction equates with physical beauty, age, status, etc. But this is completely false. Smart women know and understand that physical beauty is not enough to keep a man in the long run.

You probably know that physical attraction is important to men and this is definitely true. Men are more visual than you are so they will be attracted to your body and the way that you look. The problem is that physical attraction is cheap attraction. Sex is a cheap commodity because it is easy to get.

It is simply not that valuable.

This is why your superficial qualities are not enough to truly interest a High Quality Man. Sure, he may appreciate your physical attributes and some men will try to get you into bed, but nothing more than that. They will not really care about you.

What really interests a High-Quality Man, and makes him fall in love and invest everything in you is your depth and your energy. (Click here to read the post on how to get him to commit to you forever.)

Here is the thing, lovely. Physical attraction is fleeting – temporary, and most importantly it does not lead to long term love. Physical attraction is short term attraction. When you do things like

  • Rely on your physical attraction
  • Play hard to get
  • Use games to make him want you

…and do anything deliberately just so that he gives you more attention, he will sense it and be repelled by it. 

A short skirt might make him chase you, yes, but on a pure instinctual level. In that case, he will be simply acting on his instinct to dominate and to overcome a challenge – but he will also lose interest very quickly.

When you interest him on an emotional level, however, it is an entirely different ball game. Attracting him on an emotional level is what gets him to fall head over heels in love and commit his whole heart to you. Emotional attraction is what most women truly want deep down in their core. They want a High Quality superman to commit to them.

Low Value Women resort to physical attraction alone

Women can be low value (or at least come across that way) just like men can. This is why it is very important that you are intentional with how you look and the way you behave around men.

When a man first meets a woman, he subconsciously places her in the low quality or the high quality category. Depending on which category he places you in, he will treat you very differently.

When a mature, High Quality Man sees that a woman resorts to cheap and manipulative ways of getting attention, he will usually place her in the low quality category. This also has to do with her energy and whether she gives off the vibe of a Low Quality Woman. Even if he has a superficial attraction to her, he will never pursue a committed relationship with her.

Women spend so much time and money on pounds of makeup, the perfect outfit, and designer handbags. In reality, this comes from a false assumption that these things will bring them the love that they truly want.

I am not saying that you should not care about your appearance. It is definitely important to be well groomed, have healthy skin, hair, and so on. This is because these things are the outward cues of your femininity and men definitely pay attention to them.

But you should learn not to rely on your appearance alone – do not waste all of your energy on meaningless ways of finding love and then wonder why it is not working. Invest in yourself instead and educate yourself on what truly works. THAT is what will bring you results.

Do not fall into the trap of thinking that physical beauty is what it takes to attract a superman. Some of the most “beautiful” women in the world have had the most unsuccessful, unhappy relationships. The women who spend time perfecting themselves physically do this out of fear of not being enough. They are afraid of not being seen. What all women really want is for their SOUL to be seen, not just their physicality. What all women truly want is love and devotion.

The problem is that most women do not know how to attract and keep a man with their femininity and their energy…and this is much tougher than attracting a man with your looks alone.

How to create long-lasting emotional attraction

Learn to embrace and get in touch with your most feminine side. Your femininity is what attracts men like moths to a flame. Learn to feel beautiful without makeup on and to feel your feminine energy because it is your nature, it is who you already are.

Do not wait for permission from your foundation or lipstick to feel beautiful.

Femininity means being happy, stress-free, appreciative and in the moment. It means acting from a place of love as much as possible – that is what men are universally attracted to. For more on how to ensure that you are living in love and not fear, grab the free guide Secrets of a High-Value Woman.

If you ask most men what really attracts them to a woman, they may not even realize it themselves, unless they have deliberately and consciously thought about it. They may THINK they are attracted to one thing, but they respond to something completely different. They simply know how they FEEL with a certain woman even though they may not be able to explain it.

What a High Quality Man really wants is a feminine, yin woman who is 80% feminine and 20% masculine. This is the energetic balance of a High Quality Woman. She is the woman that knows how to create deep emotional attraction and keep a man forever. See this post on how to be the most attractive, energetically balanced woman.

A High Value Woman is the most desirable woman to men because she has the energy of a radiant, light-hearted, feminine woman.

This is the secret– the way that you make a man feel around you is everything.

That is why it is important for you to show up as the High Quality Woman that makes him feel good vibes around you. He wants to FEEL your vibrant energy when you walk into the room. He wants to see you smile, be happy, be bold, while at the same time allowing him to be his masculine self. The more positive emotional experiences he has around you, the more intensely he will be attracted to you and the more likely it is that he will see you as long-term material.

Your job is to balance the Yin and Yang

If you want to create deep emotional attraction with a man of your dreams then what you should be doing is spending time and effort on the cultivation of your feminine energy, which is the yin energy.

The yin and yang exist everywhere in nature and they are always in sync with one another. Feminine energy is yin while masculine energy is yang and they balance each other by being opposites. They are like day and night – one cannot exist without the other.

In the same way, a masculine man needs your feminine energy which is the polar opposite of his.

The yin energy is soft, feminine, slow, calm, and nourishing. The yang energy on the other hand is masculine, producing, fire, and restless. The yin is peaceful and accepting, while the yang is always moving forward and reaching for something.  

As a woman you must learn to live in your yin, feminine energy when you are with a man. This means learning to be happy without having to do anything or to rush anywhere. Most importantly, without feeling guilty about anything (yes, you heard me, lovely!) Your natural state as a woman is that of relaxation, acceptance, and love.

That is the true essence of the yin energy – when it is relaxed, it thrives. When it is under stress, its energy weakens.

Remember, men are always responding to your energy. As a woman, it is your job to give off the right feminine energy so that a man can see the amazing sides of you. By doing so, you will allow the man the freedom to be his masculine self. The man will then orient himself towards you by pursuing and being ambitious and strong for you.

When you relax into your feminine, happy, and calm state, you inspire a man to be himself and this will attract him to you like a magnet.

You will both naturally be drawn to one another because you will naturally exist in your respective yin and yang energies. 

THREE IMportant sides to a woman that all men crave

There are three sides to a woman that makes men see her as  High Value Woman.

  • Mother
  • Damsel in Distress
  • Lady

1) A Motherly figure

This is a part of you that men want to see because it signifies a woman who accepts them unconditionally.

Here is the thing. Although most men can take care of themselves, they also have a vulnerable side– and they want you to see it and accept it. There are times when men want to be taken care of too and this is why a man wants a woman who is able to show selflessness.

He wants a woman who is nurturing, supportive, and can show him unconditional love and stand by him no matter what – in the same way that a mother does for her child. A man is inherently wired to need this in a woman.

The best way to show up is to believe in him, listen to him when he is feeling weak or vulnerable, and accept him no matter what.

The other thing that happens when you allow him to see the side of you that is loving, nurturing, and all-accepting, is that he also (consciously or unconsciously) sees that you will be a great mother to a child and this will make him intensely attracted to you.

But this triggers a different type of attraction than a sexual one. This is the side of you that is quite the opposite of sexy, actually. The motherly energy may be described as “cute” rather than sexy. A “mother” is not thinking about her sexuality because she is too busy giving love to worry about attracting with her body. She knows she has immense worth because of her ability to carry and take care of a child. She glows because she projects the energy of feminine warmth, joy, and comfort.

When a man sees this in you, it will subconsciously signal to him that he can trust you and devote himself to you. This is exactly what makes a man want to commit to a woman, rather than just have sex with her and move on.

However, there is also a danger in showing up as a “motherly” figure.

You have to be careful not to overestimate the importance of the mother-like behaviour.  If you take the idea of nurturing and caring for him too far and literally create a mother-child relationship – where you are the mother and he is the child, you will run into problems down the line. This is what many women do without even realizing it.

Taking the “motherly” factor too far means worrying too much about the little, day-to-day things. The things that he can take care of himself. Some examples of this are trying to fix all his problems for him, telling him to wear his jacket when it is cold outside, nagging him about eating his vegetables, and so on. These mundane things are not for you to worry about.

The problem with this behaviour is that it leads to a loss of attraction between two people.

This is because you are not attracted to a parent or a sibling – you are attracted to a A MAN! A hot-blooded, independent, confident, able to win the world MAN. Right?! You are attracted to a partner who is equally capable.

That is why you should never forget that he is a grown, able man and the more you treat him that way, the more masculine and confident he will show up for you.

2) Damsel in Distress

When a woman is deeply caring, loving, and shows any kind of intense emotion – it shows her  vulnerable side. This drives men to be attracted on a higher level than just a primitive, sexual one. It triggers his desire to commit.

A woman that is vulnerable is a woman that they want to protect, love, and take care of because they see her as precious and needy (in a good way). When vulnerability is used in the right way, it triggers a man to commit like nothing else. I cover the importance of this in depth in my #1 program “Major Mistakes that 99% of Women Make with Men”.

3) A Lady

The third side of you that he wants to see is that of a lady. A lady is what a high-value, high quality woman is all about. She accepts, respects and loves herself unconditionally. This is the woman who takes care of herself and cares about her appearance and her behaviour. She is neatly put together – never sloppy. She has a mysterious and sensual side to her which makes men magnetically attracted to her.

A lady is well-mannered. She treats others with respect and expects the same in return. She does not belittle others or put them down. She is conscious of how she comes across to others and she carries herself with dignity. A lady knows that she is attractive and she communicates that with her body language. Men find her irresistible because she has the High Quality Woman attributes that they want more of. 

Remember, lovely, attraction and love are not the same thing. Being physically attractive can actually be a negative thing if you want the man of your dreams to commit to you. Ask yourself which woman would you rather be – the one he wants for one night, or the one he wants forever? It is all up to you.

Good luck and happy man hunting! Oh and if you want to learn how to navigate the dating process like a queen, stop chasing men and have them pursue you instead, my e-Book program How to Date Like a High-Value Woman is going to change the way you approach dating forever.



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