How to Be Feminine: Become The Most Attractive Goddess (AKA Wonder Woman)

Have you seen the 2017 film Wonder Woman?

If you haven’t seen it (and you are a woman), then I recommend that you watch it ASAP. It is truly a must see for all women. 

Although Wonder Woman is a fictional character, there are certain qualities about her that we can all relate to. The film and provides some very powerful lessons that all women can learn from. I would go as far as suggesting that Wonder Woman’s character Diana represents an energetically balanced feminine woman. As a woman, one of the most important things is to learn how to get in touch with your core femininity. The film Wonder Woman did exactly that. It made me cry, laugh, think, and most of all it helped me feel connected to my femininity.

I use the term “wonder woman” as a metaphor to describe the “ideal woman” and it is the reason that my business was named after the superhero. By “ideal”, I do not mean a flawless individual by any means. What I mean is a woman who is the most energetically attractive, high vibe, High-Value woman to a man. The “ideal woman” is a luscious feminine goddess who knows how to attract and keep an amazing man by being the best version of herself. 

If you analyze most of the heroines in Hollywood films these days, they are quite masculine. Almost like men in women’s bodies. Wonder Woman, or Diana, on the other hand, is a lot more feminine than most of them. This is why she represents a perfect balance of masculinity and femininity.

This balance of feminine and masculine is exactly what is needed to live in harmony with yourself as a woman AND to attract a High-Value man. In fact, there is a specific ratio of feminine to masculine that makes the most sense for a woman. It is what makes a helps her feel confident, attractive, and balanced on the inside.

A High-Value woman is 80% feminine, and 20% masculine.

This is the most attractive type of woman to a man. This balance makes her a naturally high-value woman.

She has the right amount of feminine energy balanced with the right amount of masculine energy.

Before I give you some examples from the movie, let’s discuss some reasons that prevent women from becoming the perfectly balanced, High Value woman that attracts the best men.

Most women have too much masculine energy

Many women these days are very masculine (like the heroines in most movies).

They strive to have independence, they compete with others (including men) and they are too reserved, unemotional, and controlling. This makes them energetically very masculine.

Most women these days do not need men because they feel that they can do everything themselves. This is true, of course, women CAN do everything themselves. But if they want to feel cherished like a princess and be irresistible to a high value man then they need to learn to let go of that masculine control. You must be able to sink into your feminine nature.

Being independent and always “in your head”, like most women are, creates difficulty for women in relationships because masculine men want their complement – a feminine woman! They do not want to compete for control with a woman. They associate competition with other MEN, not women.

Some women start to speak and behave like men because they want to be taken seriously and they think that it will help them connect and relate to men better. That is a big no-no. All this does is make the man of your dreams place you in the “friends zone” and see you as one of his buddies.

And I know that in your heart, you do NOT want to be in the “friends” zone.

You want to be swept off your feet and made to feel like a beautiful princess by a man who is absolutely crazy about you. This means that you need to surrender to your femininity and your womanhood.

What it means to be a High-Value, Feminine Goddess

A true feminine goddess is the woman that a High Quality, High Value man will find the most attractive of all. A feminine goddess is loving, receptive, and accepting.

High-value, feminine women are REAL which means they know how to show their true depth, regardless of whether they want to laugh, cry, scream, or hide. They are authentic and they allow themselves to feel.

They are not afraid to love, knowing that it may lead to pain. They accept all of their emotions.

A High Value woman’s ability to love freely and non-judgmentally is where her strength comes from and it is also what draws men to her.

Lack of emotional depth is a problem that occurs when women become accustomed to living in their masculine energy. They forget how to be women and they do not allow themselves to feel things. They are uncomfortable with their deepest emotions (and are often not even aware of them).

A feminine goddess is in touch with her most vulnerable, feminine self.

One thing you need to do if you want to get more in touch with your feminine, High Value self is become aware of your emotional state. Never try to block out your emotions. Instead, be aware of them and learn to accept them and make sense of them.

Men want a woman who is soft, emotionally open, and who radiates feminine energy. If you truly want to attract the most high quality men out there, work on your emotional openness. 

Vulnerability is a trait that many women shy away from and this is a big reason that they have trouble connecting with men because men are attracted to a woman’s vulnerability.

Because she has embraced herself entirely, a feminine goddess is not afraid to be vulnerable with men because she isn’t worried about being judged. This is an essential trait to develop if you want to attract and keep an amazing superman.


A feminine goddess allows a man to relax, be himself, and feel masculine around her.

When you allow a man to take the lead, you allow him to feel strong, competent, and “manly” with you. This will also help you feel more feminine and it will increase his attraction towards you.

Being a feminine goddess means being vulnerable enough to accept resources from a man, rather than doing everything yourself. Allow him to give to you (help, advice, and resources) which makes him feel needed and respected.

A feminine goddess admits to herself that she wants to be with a High-Value, masculine man. Not because she cannot be happy on her own, but because life is more colourful and delicious with a masculine man by her side.

If you want to be with a High-Value, masculine man, you need to know how to trigger his masculinity. You need to know when to let the man lead and make decisions (even though you are perfectly capable of making them yourself).

This does not mean that you become a doormat or tolerate poor treatment or disrespect. You should always set firm boundaries and standards with a man.

The ideal, feminine woman knows how to give love freely and openly to men while also accepting help and direction from them. That’s how she becomes the most attractive, High-Value woman. 

The Feminine/Masculine Balance

When it comes to being intentionally passive there is another side of the coin that you must consider if you want to attract a superman.

Having too much feminine energy is something that you want to avoid. Pure feminine energy is too chaotic and emotionally out of balance which is why you need masculine energy as well.

A High Value woman is never purely in her feminine energy. She has a dose of masculine energy as well, which is approximately 20%.

you do not cultivate this 20% masculine energy and you have too much feminine energy, you will have a much harder time attracting masculine men, which is the type of men that most women are attracted to.

The masculine side of a woman is also that which will protect the things that matter to her (such as family and HERSELF) and will stand up for what she believes in (just as the character Wonder Woman).

She will protect herself, her values, and her personal boundaries. One of the biggest reasons that women struggle with ghosting, men that won’t commit, and men that string them along is a lack of boundaries and understanding of how to talk to men. You can learn how to overcome this along with over 100 script/text examples in Magnetically Feminine Boundaries.

If you want to be the most captivating, energetically balanced woman, learn to cultivate this 80-20 ratio of feminine to masculine.

A woman that is 80% feminine and 20% masculine is the most attractive woman to a man.

A feminine woman lives in a state of love

Another key trait of a feminine goddess is that she lives in a state of love. This means that everything she does comes from a positive place. She eliminates all negativity, judgment, and toxicity from her life.

She cares about herself and others. She is accepting and authentic. This authenticity guides her decisions not just with men but with everything in life. Because she lives her life from a place of love and worthiness, it translates into her relationships with men as well. That is what makes her the most radiant and attractive woman. 

Many women these days deny themselves love because of fear. They deny that they need a man. They reject men because of their insecurities. They fear opening up. They hold themselves back from the potential to truly experience love.

You cannot afford to be a fearful woman if you want to be the most feminine, attractive version of yourself.

There is no stronger force than love. The problem is that most people do not know HOW to truly love. Unfortunately most people do not understand relationships.

For a woman, there is no feeling more majestic, more heavenly, more safe than being in a strong, masculine man’s arms. As for a man, nothing compares to the radiance of a true feminine goddess.

Men and women crave each other’s energy.

So what makes Wonder Woman a perfectly balanced woman?

Let’s talk about why Diana, the heroine in the film Wonder Woman, perfectly embodies that 80/20 balance.

She is open to love.

In the film, Diana consistently makes references to love. Rather than closing off and being cold, masculine, and unemotional (like most superheroes), she opens up to love. Her character is very empathetic and FEELING. 

Despite the hardships, sacrifices, and setbacks that she faces, she is still vulnerable and authentic.

Diana is in touch with her emotional side which is a naturally feminine quality. There are also scenes where she demonstrates silliness, playfulness, and spontaneity which are also true feminine energy traits.

The ability to live openly and authentically rather than be reserved and fearful is what makes for a true feminine goddess. Diana represents this very well.

Wonder Woman’s ability to accept her own vulnerability is a KEY quality of a High Value, feminine goddess.

There are a few examples of this in the movie.

(Spoiler alert) In the very final scene of the film, she sits at her desk and says to herself;

“I used to want to save the world…but then I glimpsed the darkness that lives within their light…now I know that only love can truly save the world. So I stay, and I fight and I give, for the world I know can be”

The trust that she has in love and her desire to save the world demonstrates pure love and connection to feminine energy. She also says that only love can save the world – she BELIEVES in love and she is true to her heart. Again, her openness is highly feminine.


She lives with integrity.

A true, High-Value Wonder Woman has beliefs and principles that she will not stray from (even when a guy throws a lame compliment in her direction, she is not easy to impress). 

She defends her principles and boundaries and she lives with integrity. She does not tolerate disrespect. She stands up for what she believes in. She is real. She shows kindness and compassion toward others. She does not judge or hate on others.

Those are the qualities of a High Quality, High Value feminine woman that are also demonstrated in the movie. The final fight scene near the end of the movie was a great example where she demonstrated her integrity, strength, and values.

There is a moment where she says “it’s not about [what you] deserve, it’s about what you believe…and I believe in love.” 

This is probably my favourite part of the movie because it is so powerful and emotional. She shows her openness to love (vulnerability) and at the same time a desire to stand up for what she believes in (for the good of mankind.) In that fight scene, Diana demonstrates exactly that. She goes out and fights for what she believes in. She is not passive when it comes to the things that matter yet she has a soft heart and she is vulnerable enough to submit to love.

She demonstrates her femininity AND her masculinity at the same time.

She has masculine qualities

Wonder Woman is a “superhero” and like all superheroes, she has goals, ambition, a mission in life and she is able to get things done – she is proactive. These are all masculine qualities. Being a superhero, she represents the strength, resilience, pro-activity and ability to do anything (even kill) to defend her cause.

She is able to set boundaries, be firm, and use logic to make decisions. Again, those are very masculine traits that most superheroes have.

She has masculine qualities that balance out her feminine ones.

This is why I love the character Wonder Woman. Her balance of masculine and feminine energies make her a great example of a high-value, feminine goddess that most men will be attracted to.

The biggest reason that her character is so inspiring because it applies to all women.

If you want to have an amazing relationship with the man of your dreams then you need to grow into your own version of Wonder Woman.

You must learn how to create the right balance between the proactive (masculine) traits and the feminine (soft, vulnerable, heart-open) traits. You already have both masculine and feminine qualities, it’s just a matter of knowing how to balance them and activate them under the right circumstance.

If you want to learn how to truly embody your feminine energy traits and inspire deep, authentic connection from a masculine man then I invite you to join the Feminine-Masculine Attraction course, which will change your relationship with yourself and with men forever.